Understanding Price, Budget, Quality Considerations

There are important issues to consider when hiring a painting and tile company. Old School Painting & Tile works with the customer to understand the most important of these issues.  It is our position that budget-minded projects and quality are not mutually exclusive.  We have the following to offer prospective clients:

1.  Always purchase the best quality paint products that your project can afford.  Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.
2.  Regardless of the cost of your paint, you can count on Old School Painting & Tile to provide the highest quality workmanship.  Further, we will define what our interpretation of ‘highest quality workmanship’ truly entails:

The most important aspects of any paint job are surface preparation and the details.  Almost any painter can use a roller, but the time and effort taken in preparation and detail separates the craftsman from the wall jockey.  It is especially crucial to view examples of work, as a lowball painting quote will usually reflect shortchanging the client through fast or non-existent prep work.

Examples of proper prep work:
I.  Paint surface must be properly prepared by washing, sanding where needed, and power washing where appropriate.
II.  Selection of primer that prevents bleeding of adjacent colors while properly preparing the surface to accept paint.
III.  Correction of water problems that may have led to any problems with original paint job.
IV.  Use of correct quality and type of paint.  There are many options available, and we will be happy to consult with you to ensure quality results on appropriate budget.
V.  Correct estimates of paint needed.  It is crucial for budget purposes that you can depend on the original quote that paint amounts quoted are accurate for the job.

How long will your paint job last?  Rather than outlandish claims, we offer the following from the Paint Quality Institute “How long a paint job will actually last depends on a number of factors, including the nature and condition of the substrate, the type of coating applied and the severity of the weather the paint has to stand up to.”…To this statement, we will add that upon a thorough examination of these factors as they pertain to your project, we will offer a variety of solutions designed to meet your standards for life, quality, and cost of paint.

In closing, we are available to answer any and all questions you have, and we hope will you give us the opportunity to earn your trust…and your business.